I had a really nice day today.

I didn't look hideous as I walked out the door.

I abstained from my usual morning Chick-Fil-A run, which is one small step in me becoming less massive.

I most assuredly failed my precal test, although this was not unforeseen and therefore did not trouble me a great deal.

We talked about philosophy and shit in European History, which I love to do.

I did pretty damn well on my Enviro Sci quiz.

Ditto on my Frankenstein test.

Sher's class was Sher's class. :DDD And I did "awesome" on my Unit II test the day before.

Had a good time not working and messing around with the girls in my dance class.

Ate too much chocolate and was a total goof with Corrin in Theatre.

And then of course tonight I don't have a ridiculous amount of homework tonight, and Fringe comes on!! 

All in all, an excellent Tuesday. 


  1. I love eating chocolate and being a goof with friends :)

    Glad your day was good. ;D <3