Free Weekend

This weekend marks a very momentous occasion. 

I don't have to work at all!!

This means staying up late and sleeping in. My favorite way to be.

I plan on spending the evening tooling away on the internets, listening to/downloading music and podcasts, searching Fringe spoilers, reading The Sweet Far Thing, and generally relaxing.

Tomorrow should be a nice day... I'm going to Target in the morning with my grandma and Rob, and then in the afternoon I have an hour and a half window to hang out with Faith and Corrin while the duo are at a birthday party. (Corrin- how does 4:00 sound?)

I'd also really like to try to unplug for the day... not get on facebook and twitter every five minutes and just read for hours like I used to be able to do so easily. I generally love the opportunities the digital age gives our generation, but I also feel that it makes me kind of ADD... It's incredibly difficult for me to just sit and concentrate on one thing anymore... I always have this compulsion to do ten other things at once, which inevitably makes me totally unproductive. Thoughts? 

Listening to: Name by the Goo Goo Dolls (gotta love the 90s)


and it's coming closer.

stranded in the spooky town
stop lights are swaying and the phone lines are down
the floor is crackling cold
she took my heart, [i think] she took my soul
with the moon i run, far from the carnage of the fiery sun

driven by the strangle of veins
showing me no mercy, i'd do it again
open up your eyes, you keep on crying baby i'll bleed you dry
the skies they blink at me, i see a storm bubbling up from the sea
and it's coming closer
and it's coming closer

your shimmy shook my bones,
leaving me stranded all in love on my own
do you think of me?
where am i now baby, where do i sleep?
it feels so good but i am old
200 years of chasing taking its toll
and it's coming closer
and it's coming closer
and it's coming closer
and it's coming closer 


anti-semitism sucks in more ways than one.

not only is it a horrible thing, it is also not fun to write about for european history. 

in addition to this essay, i have to do tedious precal questions and read a loooong government chapter and take an online quiz.

i also want to rewatch that AMAZING Lost episode that aired last night. 

Bed at around 12 probably??? 

at least no work this weekend :)


I have a blog.

To be read only by me I guess.

Today is an ice day. Hence the creating a blog to fill the void in my day. I am also going to spend the day attempting to begin watching the entire series of House front to back. And eating incessantly.